in Novopecherski Lypky
own capacious
more than 20 programs
arenas and playgrounds
professional services
holistic approach

In 2013, as a part of the infrastructure of the business class residential complex Novopecherski Lypky, officially opened a sport and recreational complex GYMMAXX for the whole family. GYMMAXX is a new generation of sports clubs that consists of several large zones which complement each other and create a sports ecosystem for people of different ages.

In the first stage, of the club, the three floors sports complex, there is the most modern equipment for practicing various sports, a whole range of services for real veritable relaxation and innovative methods for children’s development.

The second in line is an SPA complex for the whole family, where you can find: Russian sauna, aroma-saunas; hammam, squash, paddle tennis and badminton courts; a football field that can easily be transformed into basketball and volleyball courts; fitness studios and a gym.

There are swimming pools for both children and adults, a functional training area and professional treadmills at the summer outdoor recreation area. It complements the second stage of GYMMAXX and gives several advantages to residents of “Novopecherskie Lypki» and guests of the residential complex.

The vicinity of the club includes restaurants with European cuisine, fitness bars, and professional beauty salons.

Today GYMMAXX is not just a fitness center, it’s a place to rest for the whole family, a place where you can relax, gain and recover your strength and have fun with your friends.The sport complex can simultaneously accept more than 1000 clients. For the convenience of the guests, the club has an underground parking, the access to it is provided at any time of the work schedule of the club, from 7.00 to 23.


General characteristics:
20 000 m²
project status
14 000 m²
indoor area
2000 m²
outdoor area
1000 m²
SPA complex


Dragomyrova str., 9A, Kyiv

+38 (044) 503-5-503

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