On November 28, 2018, a working meeting of the team of City One Development, a Ukrainian company, headed by company President Valeriy Kodetsky, and representatives of the Center for the Built Environment University of California, Berkeley was held in Berkeley, California, USA. The meeting was to discuss the current global urban trends and partnership of
Recently, the project of City One Development Company – the Innovative Kindergarten The Academy of Happiness ‘LeapKids’ was awarded the Diploma The Golden Symbol of Quality of National Goods and Services of Ukraine for Provision of High-Quality Teaching and Educational Services. The assessment of quality and recognition was received from International Organization The Business Circle
City One Development, a full service development company, has changed the logo. Now it looks more modern, dynamic, and most importantly – reflects the company’s strategy: complex development of territories, creation of urban space for life, work and creativity of a man of today. Changes occurred in the stylistics of the logo and company’s graphics.

Нова черга включає в себе чотири сучасних житлових будинки (проектні №71.1, №71.2, №72.1, №72.2) висотністю 16-19-23-24 поверхів, торгово-розважальну частину, а також прогулянкову паркову зону, ігрові дитячі майданчики і фонтанний комплекс з водоспадом….