About us

City One Development is more than a development company. It is the company that creates an urban environment. 

The company’s team started operating in the country’s market more than 10 years ago, and in 2010, it was officially registered as City One Development. Today, the development company provides a full range of services, such as construction, investment, management, sales of residential as well as commercial  property and  real estate developments in Kiev and abroad.

City One Development unites 150+ professionals from different fields, who design, develop and  implement the  maintenance of projects.

The main focus of the company – building residential complexes on a turn-key basis and commercial real estate projects in Kiev. Today, more than 750,000 m² have been developed for living and working space, and another 569,341 m² is currently under construction.

We select only the best infrastructure for all projects that will offer the potential for development and creating more opportunities for future owners, life, and business. City One Development is a steadily developing business, which guarantees its partners; high profit returns, risk reduction and the opportunity to engage the project at various stages of its implementation. The European standards are the starting point from which we begin.


We aim to create a modern urban environment where everyone will find everything they need for their self-development, working  and living.

Values :

People.In order to achieve quality in our work, we rely on quality people; our talented employees carry out the company’s business with dedication and loyalty. City One Development unites a team of leading Ukrainian experts who are not only capable to execute objectives efficiently and effectively, but also those who invent new solutions and improve quality standards. Our main value is our professional workforce.We are committed to continuous development of our people because that is what City One Development stands for. We empower our people, by giving them greater levels of responsibility and accountability. This leads to greater commitment and dedication which in turn, guarantees the maximum job satisfaction and superior results with confidence.

Innovations. City One Development stands out in the industry through its creative application of development innovations to make elite residential complexes and commercial real estate more comfortable and convenient for the owners and residents. Innovations are rooted at the initial stage of design, during the construction phase and after setting the facilities into operation as well. Continuous improvements in people’s quality of life and the creation of an infrastructure environment are one of the key values ​​our development team.

Ecological compatibility. Buildings are a space for both living and working. Given that, how much time we spend in these places, is crucially important that all materials used are entirely safe. City One Development uses only eco-friendly solutions, enabling future property owners to be confident in their security. We also carefully work with the landscape, creating an ideal balance of the presence of real nature in the city.


Creating an urban environment. We develop the  territories and effectively integrate them into an existing urban environment.

Human centred architecture. We create affable and friendly spaces where all people feel comfortable. For each of our projects we develop a unique design concept that turn residential blocks and commercial real estates into architectural attractions.

Management of innovations. We ensure sustainable development of the environment and facilities that we build by introducing innovations at all stages: from the initial stage of design to servicing of projects which are already put into operation.