Руководство City One Development - надежного застройщика жилых комплексов в Киеве и Украине

The city of my dreams is a space created for life.

Thoughtful, simple and comfortable. Designed so that you can think, interact and create possibilities. The house is a place which paves the view for the future.

We help people to remember why they are gathered to live together and be united in cities. Experts in construction and innovation, designers and engineers, architects and designers – we assembled a team of experts, in order for City One Development, to re-invent the urban space, to fill it with new energy.

From an apartment to a house. From a house to complexes. We aren’t just building square meters, but relations. Relation to space, to time, to each other. These are places of solitude and the possibility of communication. We have thought over the entire infrastructure of residential complexes so as to create a platform for your own ideas. In our residential complexes you will find not just a sense of coziness, but like-minded people and partners.

I am sure that real innovations are possible but only as a result of joint actions. City One Development is moving towards this goal, step by step. We build the future and not just buildings.

Valerii Kodetskyi

President of City One Development