Building innovations

Academy of Happiness LeapKids - an innovative full-day kindergarten in Pechersk

Academy of Happiness LeapKids -is a preschool educational institution, a completely new format for Ukraine. This is an innovative full-day kindergarten, which was created with the thought of modern children, their harmonious development, and health. The Academy of Happiness LeapKids is located in the business class complex in Pechersk  Novopecherski Lypky and is one of the important elements of the infrastructure of this residential complex.

LeapKids is the first project in Ukraine, which was built using the most modern energy-efficient solutions. The building is equipped with solar panels, which help to heat water and save energy. Thanks to the"smarthouse"system,thereis a technical opportunity to create a separate climatic zone in each kindergarten group. In the kindergarten, there is a system of passive cooling "cold ceiling". Heating of rooms for children is due to the geothermal heat of the ground-there are 43 wells in the garden that converge in the technical room of the building.

To date, this is the first and only project in Ukraine for children, which is highly technological, energy efficient and fully complies with all European and domestic standards of pre-school educational institutions.

Benefits of the Academy of Happiness LeapKids:

  • modern methods of teaching, including authoring
  • bilingual space (program and teachers of British Council)
  • bio-ecology 
  • high-security system
  • healthy Eating
  • service and individual approach to the health of the child
  • ecozone throughout the garden

Dragomyrova st., 11 E, RC “Novopecherski Lypky”, Kyiv

General characteristics:

The area of ​​the land: 5500 sq.m.
Total building area: 3 458 sq.m.
Own parking
Floors - 2
Territory for walking 2 954 sq.m.
The capacity of the kindergarten is 189 beds, 12 groups of 16 people

Stage of implementation:

The project is fully implemented