Building innovations

The residential complex Boulevard of Fountains is a perfect resort in the heart of the city

Boulevard of Fountains is an embodiment of the original and elegant concept in every detail of the infrastructure developed by City One Development. The complex was developed in the concept of a City Resort, which provides  the inhabitants  of the complex the feeling of a vacation  in the heart of the city: The architectural concept of the complex is truly a masterpiece, comfortable height (number of storeys), the yard without cars, a comfortable and spacious outdoor zone for walking with beautiful scenic view of plants and trees. The complex is equipped with the first and only 150-meter cascade of light and musical fountains in Kiev.

The residential complex of the premium class Boulevard of Fountains completely changes the concept of ​​what elite new buildings can be in Kiev. The comfortable location in the central part of the city combined with the coziness style of a country house touch, while musical fountains are located next to the green spaces and barbecue zone.

Thoughtful planning solutions, modern and ecological approaches in designing and construction of the real estate development, the company City One Development allow residents to feel themselves in the heart of the metropolis, and at the same time surrounded by a calm and well-balanced environment that is typical to countryside lifestyle.

Advantages of the Boulevard of Fountains:

  • The combination of tranquility and location in the central part of Kiev
  • Unique 150-meters cascade of light and musical fountains
  • Convenient transport interchange
  • The concept of a “yard without cars”
  • Round-the-clock video surveillance and the absence of "blind zones"
  • Round-the-clock "concierge service" for the residents of the complex
  • The distance to Boryspil International Airport is approximately 35 minutes by car
  • The distance to Kiev International Airport (Zhulyany) is only a 20-minute drive
  • In the immediate vicinity, the Botanical garden of Grishko is only in 5 minutes by car
  • Ocean Plaza Shopping Mall is just a 5-minute drive
  • Distance to one of the best medical centers in the city is approximately a 2-minute drive



General characteristics:

The surface area - 4.06 h
Number of houses - 4
Height (number of stories) - 10 – 24
Number of apartments - 811
The total area -178 389 ????ᒾ
The number of parking space - 900

Stage of implementation:

The first stage is put into operation.
The second stage is in the process of implementation.