Market analysis in 2019 for a new housing in Kyiv.

According to the Analytical Department of City One Development, the scope of offers in the primary housing market of Kyiv in 2019 decreased by 10% compared to 2018 (but still 40% more than in 2014), to 225 residential complexes for sale, the share of comfort and business class is growing, while there are single new projects in the economy class. In the offer pattern, the share of comfort class in 2019 increased to 38% from 34% in 2018, winning the lead, while the share of economy class fell to 20% from 29%, and business class rose to 34% from 28%. As a comparison, in 2014, projects were distributed by class as follows: economy – 46%, comfort – 5%, business – 36%, premium and elite –12%, according to the insight report. The average starting price on the market in 2019 increased significantly to $1,245/sq.m, while in 2018 it was at $931/sq.m. In addition to the above, the construction of one in four new complexes (10 in total) started in Pecherskyi district, where the highest starting price was $1823/sq.m. In the lump, the average price on the market in 2019 increased by 22% in dollar terms – to $1468/sq.m.