Scientists have proved that the presence of landscaped areas in megacities contributes to increasing the population's life expectancy. You might wonder that this information is well known, but if you look at a modern development plan of the capital, it doesn't look so green... Needless to say what consequences the developers' neglect of residential landscape fundamentals may lead to. Where once there were parks, now there are new buildings of the capital. It is certainly important to take on housing in the capital, but not to the detriment of its residents' health. We know since the school years that plants purify the air we breathe. Having reviewed the situation with the air pollution of megacities, is it worth talking about the importance of landscaped areas in the business class residential complexes of Kyiv? We think it is needless to say. Our thoughts can be confirmed by the study results of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health published in The Lancet Planetary Health broadsheet. The report stated: residents of landscaped urban districts live longer. Scientists studied various factors affecting the life expectancy of people in megacities, in particular, mental health, cardiovascular diseases, stress susceptibility, etc. The study confirmed that the level of landscaping is a normalizing factor (the so-called vegetation index (NDVI)). It proves that increasing the number of trees by just 0.1 point on this index reduces the burden of disease among people living within 500 meters of landscaped areas by 4%. To make people feel comfortable in megacities, 20-30% of their area should be landscaped. In this regard, let us recall about an undeniable advantage our residential complex "Novopecherskie Lipki" has. After all, it is located in close proximity to the largest landscaped area of the capital – the M. M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden. It is also worth noting that the City One Development, the investor and real estate development company of the residential complex "Novopecherski Lypky", pays extra attention to the creation of landscaped areas within the territory of projects. Regardless of the class, it comprises a third of the territory of the residential complex.