Today, the concept "ecosystem" permeates all areas of human life. Many global companies, when developing, move to a new stage - they morph into ecosystems. For example, such giant companies as Google, Amazon, Tencent, and others should now be called ecosystems instead of corporations. A real estate ecosystem means an advanced lifestyle model allowing uniting different areas and services into a cohesive whole following a single idea in the same time - to create a convenient operating and living environment for people. Analytical data suggest that the ecosystem approach will soon become a highly employable trend in real estate. The approach is actively implemented in our projects, starting way back in 2006, when working on the concept of the residential complex "Novopecherski Lypky". Communicating with our customers on a daily basis, we see that their consumer preferences have changed. The nowaday consumer is seeking more than just an apartment, but rather an urban space. As compared to the recent times, when the number of square meters was a crucial part, the quality of real estate and the environment, where it is located, come to the fore. A modern resident of a megacity selects housing for a balance of "business-life-development", where extra facilities, services, and thus opportunities are the main selection criteria. We consider these factors in our ecosystem approach to the project. In today's world, the boundaries between work and other components of life are increasingly blurred. A man of today puts more value to time for implementation of challenges and needs within his living environment. In new business class projects we take into account the required availability of commercial premises, sports and health centers for various-aged people, development and educational centers, as well as a modern rest area. Currently, the residential complex "Novopecherski Lypky" is a prime example of a project, where the entire architectural treatment is made in the total look and is seamlessly combined with the amenities needed for a fulfilling life. And this is currently more than 110 construction sites. The current amenities of the residential complex "Novopecherski Lypky" are (more than 20,000 m2): stores, pharmacies, health care centers, beauty salons, bank branches, children's development centers, interior design and floral studios, travel companies, service centers, dry cleaners', notary and law offices, etc. For over 6 years, the residents of our residential complex have been using the services of the GYMMAXX prime fitness club, a part of the complex's amenities. For now, it is not only a sports area, but rather a place of rest for the whole family, socializing and time sharing. City One Development, the owner of the residential complex "Novopecherski Lypky", devoted its attention to such important feature of any residential complex as educational infrastructure. This is more than 16,000 m2 of space where children of all ages can find their favorite place and unlock their potential.