LeapKids has been recognized as the standard of teaching and educational services in Ukraine.


Recently, the project of City One Development Company – the Innovative Kindergarten The Academy of Happiness ‘LeapKids’ was awarded the Diploma The Golden Symbol of Quality of National Goods and Services of Ukraine for Provision of High-Quality Teaching and Educational Services. The assessment of quality and recognition was received from International Organization The Business Circle Assembly (BCA), which held a meeting of the business community of Ukraine dedicated to the 27th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence.

The BCA has awarded its laureates in the following nominations: Great Ukrainians, Knight of the Fatherland, Queen Anne's Order of Honor of the Fatherland, awards of the All-Ukrainian rating The Golden Symbol of Quality of National Goods and Services of Ukraine with the award to leaders of honorary title Best Director of the Year and decorations Best Enterprise of Ukraine.

The Academy of Happiness ‘LeapKids’  was also highly praised by the Presidium of Business Circles for highly professional leadership and significant contribution to the development of modern preschool education in Ukraine.

The meeting was held in Kyiv, the State Residence of the President of Ukraine, the Little Mariinsky Palace. Within its framework there was held a ceremony of awarding the country’s outstanding personalities: leaders of the most successful enterprises, scientists, entrepreneurs from all regions of Ukraine.