Buying real estate is always serious affair, so you need to prudently evaluate the situation for 5-10 years ahead, choosing the most marketable residential property. Highly liquid residential property is an apartment with an individual layout in buildings located uniquely and built entirely of high-quality materials. Choosing an apartment in the new construction estate market today, you should be quite careful, otherwise your dreams of a new apartment may still remain dreams. Our experts have made a list of recommendations that will save you from making mistakes. First of all, you should pay attention to the standing of the property developer, as there are unscrupulous real estate development companies on the market that lure the buyer into a pyramid scheme by attracting them with prices. Thus, when buying a new apartment in Kyiv, pay attention to the following factors: 1. The portfolio of completed projects of a real estate development company. 2. Find out if the real estate development company has authorizations and approvals for construction, a license, and land title documents where construction is being carried out. 3. Be sure to ask about the main contractor for construction operations and its standing. 4. Collect relevant reviews of customers who have bought real estate in the residential area of your interest. What to look for when choosing a business class residential complex: 1. Site location. Choose an apartment in the area that suits you best. Pay attention to the distance from the main transport routes and the underground railroad. It is often an important and determinative factor when choosing, which can significantly save time. 2. Infrastructure. A comfortable life in a business class residential complex is impossible without the infrastructure content. And today it includes: stores, pharmacies, health care centers, bank branches, cafes, restaurants, kindergartens and schools, delivery services, etc. 3. Layout. The wider the range of layouts the property developer has, the higher the chance that you will choose something for you. 4. Quality of materials. The construction materials used in construction of buildings is a very important factor. Always choose apartments built of environmentally-friendly materials. It is your health and safety.