Have you ever wondered what a highly liquid property is? Why do some apartments lose value over time, while the cost of others only increases? We understand it this way: highly liquid residential property is an apartment with an individual layout in buildings located uniquely and built entirely of high-quality materials. This is a project with a concept laid in it and which is supported by prime and faultless provision of services. A reliable property developer and its credit are an added benefit for the choice. On August 14, 2019, the last building of the second construction phase of the residential complex "Boulevard of Fountains", which is located on the 5 Saperne Pole Street, Pechersk District of Kyiv, was commissioned for operation. The complex was developed by the City One Development. The residential complex "Boulevard of Fountains" consists of 4 buildings with a total area of more than 100 thousand m2. The housing stock of the complex is 811 apartments, three-level underground car-park includes 1,200 parking slots. According to the project plan, the project occupies 4 hectares, one third of which is reserved for recreation areas. Our architects paid special attention to the cascade of musical fountains with a total length of 150 meters, the only one in Kyiv. We feel that exactly this ordonnance has helped to create a unique environment for a comfortable life, as it is known that fountains have a beneficial effect on people's well-being. Taking care of the convenience and comfort of various-aged residents of the residential complex, we have included sports areas, children's playgrounds, a panoramic lounge area, landscaped areas and, naturally, an avenue of fountains as the essential amenities of the complex. According to the company, more than 7 thousand guests have visited the complex, since its opening. Needless to say that the avenue of fountains of the prime residential complex "Boulevard of Fountains" has become a clou not only for its residents, but also for guests of the complex. The residential complex "Boulevard of Fountains" is built as a City Resort. This means that buying an apartment in the center of a megacity, you can fully experience the atmosphere of country life. We tried to create a balanced and quiet atmosphere in the complex, ensuring the privacy of local residents and rest from the city's bustle.