Building innovations

Lipki Island Сity resort is an innovative project in the City Resort format in the historical and business center of Kyiv. This is in fact a residential island, consisting of many quarters, functionally fully self-sufficient. The modern multifunctional complex with an area of 40 hectares – between the right and left banks of the country’s main waterway - the Dnipro River- on the Rybalsky Peninsula. The Lipki Island is the result of work of modern architects and urban experts who embodied in this concept a harmonious combination of a dynamic urban life and a natural environment. The project reflects the latest trends in the eco-friendly green approach to construction with the use of a number of energy-efficient solutions.
The unique architecture of residential buildings, the cascade avenue of fountains, a business center with convenient infrastructure and traffic junction, shopping and service centers, a car-free courtyard and various cycling routes, a secondary school and kindergarten, a multifunctional sport complex, green areas for recreation with an area of more than 222,420 square meters, more than a thousand meters long promenade lane along the coastline of the river, the yacht club and much more – all this unites in a single urban mix of Lipki Island Сity resort - a new business-class project.

Rybalsky peninsula, Podil, Kyiv
Site area: 40 ha

Project stage