City One Development and University of California, Berkeley agreed partnership.


On November 28, 2018, a working meeting of the team of City One Development, a Ukrainian company, headed by company President Valeriy Kodetsky, and representatives of the Center for the Built Environment University of California, Berkeley was held in Berkeley, California, USA.

The meeting was to discuss the current global urban trends and partnership of City One Development and the University of Berkeley to develop the urban space and use the latest research and developments of energy efficient solutions for development projects in Ukraine.

The curator of the Center for the Built Environment University of California, Berkeley, hereinafter – the CBE, David R. Lehrer and President of City One Development Valeriy Kodetskyi, agreed on further partnership and membership of City One Development in CBE industry consortium, the members of which are the leading companies such as Google Inc, Rehau, Syska Hennessy Group, Genetech, Southern California Edison, Taylor Engineering, EHDD Architecture, P2S Engineering and many others, whose business is directly related to the construction and development, or related industries, i.e. manufacturers of equipment and materials, architects, engineers, general contractors, building owners and managers, financial and IT companies, government agencies and utility companies.

City One Development is the first developer from Ukraine, which will participate in CBE Berkeley consortium and will be able to join the unique global experience and research conducted on the basis of the latest developments in the field of energy efficiency and "smart" solutions for the construction industry in order to use recommendations in its projects.

In April 2019, City One Development, at the invitation of CBE Berkley, will take part in the annual conference of CBE consortium member companies and make a presentation of the development strategy for "smart cities" and projects with strong investment potential, currently targeted at by the international investment community.

The company is confident that this partnership will be a good start for the "Cities of the Future" projects in Ukraine, and new projects of City One Development, due to the introduction of innovative recommendations from the leading global companies, will be on a par with well-known development projects of our time.