Investment and development company
900 000 m2
put into operation
10 000
600 000 m2
under construction
18 ha
green areas
Our advantages

City One Development lives and breathes real estate development. We build a new city, new relationships, new opportunities and develop top-class residential and commercial properties for our prospective residents and businesses .


City One Development invests in innovations at all levels: from the initial stage of architectural design, construction and management of real estate development. We create an ecosystem environment where it is convenient to live and work. That is why our projects have a high investment attractiveness index, allowing clients to earn high-profit returns with us.


The development business is a constant movement. Team of City One Development always develop and find new solutions for our customers, using unique non-standard approaches and original concepts.

Building innovations

City One Development –

is more than a development company. It is the company that creates an urban environment. 

The company’s team started operating in the country’s market more than 15 years ago, and in 2010, it was officially registered as City One Development. Today, the development company provides a full range of services, such as construction, investment, management, sales of residential as well as commercial  property and  real estate developments in Kiev and abroad.

#peoplefirst or a new approach to urban development in a modern city
New stage of residential complex Svyatobor Park Resort
Presentation of City Resort format in RC Boulevar of Fountains